(Courtesy Photo) HMS staff assisting with the December 1 “Get Yourself Tested” event at Cobre High School (from left to right) – Frances Groves, MA, Megan Lucic, PA-C, and Veronica Sierra.

Successful Get Yourself Tested (GYT) Interactive Event Coordinated by Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) at Cobre High School

Silver City, NM (December 13, 2016) – With the support of school administration, and led by the staff of the Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS) school-based clinic at Cobre High School and student members of its Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), a successful “Get Yourself Tested (GYT)” event took place on December 1 in the Cobre High School commons area.

“The purpose of the GYT event was to provide students at Cobre High School a better understanding of some of the medical and family support services that are available at the HMS Cobre Health Clinic,” stated Megan Lucic, HMS Physician Assistant at the Cobre Health Clinic.  “The purpose of the Cobre High School SHAC is to educated Cobre High School and District students on how to live healthier lives through healthier habits.  The Cobre High School SHAC student leaders play a vital role in the lives of members of their school community,” added Melanie DeLaGarza, HMS Chief Clinic Administrator.

“According to the National Institutes of Health, students who have used school based health clinics (SBHCs) have been more satisfied with their health and engaged in a greater number of health-promoting behaviors than did students who did not use SBHCs,” stated Dan Otero, HMS Chief Executive Officer.  “The HMS Cobre Health Clinic team works to provide Cobre High School students, faculty, staff and community members with accessible, reliable, and confidential health, mental health, and family support services,” added Otero.

(Courtesy Photo) Cobre High School SHAC student leaders at the “Get Yourself Tested” event on December 1 (from left to right) – Victoria Zuniga, Brooke DeLaGarza, Brianna Cabrera, Nichole Pedraza and Antonio Gomez.

To learn more about the Cobre High School SHAC program, please contact Pamela Madrid, HMS Patient Specialist, at (575) 537-5069 or pammadrid@hmsnm.org.