Fireworks are a popular tradition used by American families to celebrate our Independence Day, and setting off fireworks around your home can be exciting.  It can also be dangerous.  When setting off fireworks, remember to be safe.  Our local Fire Marshall wants to remind everyone to always set off fireworks on a barren or paved area where there is nothing that can catch fire from the sparks.  Remember to be mindful of the wind, and always keep a bucket or a hose nearby.

If you plan to buy your own fireworks, keep in mind that stands do not open for sale until the 30th of this month.  Also, be courteous to your neighbors and obey the law: fireworks are not to be shot off after 10 pm, except on the 4th of July when this curfew is extended until midnight.  Fireworks are not permitted on National Forest Property.  Only certain fireworks are restricted, and these restrictions are in place for the protection of the public and the land.

Of course, don’t forget to turn your eyes to the sky at dusk on the 4th for the town of Silver City’s fireworks display.  The town does intend to shoot of fireworks, weather permitting.  Be safe, and have a fantastic 4th of July!