The Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging Completes Site Visit at HMS Senior Centers

Silver City, NM (December 18, 2019) The Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging (NMAAA) completed an assessment of all HMS senior centers during the first week of December.  HMS is happy to report that the findings were extremely positive. The lead assessor said the following about Hidalgo Medical Services;

“I was impressed by the passion and dedication of the leadership that the organization has to our seniors. I believe that this program has the potential to be one of the best in the state.”- Jose Fonseca

“Our Senior Centers are a top priority at Hidalgo Medical Services and it’s a privilege to be able to serve our community,” said Maribel Armendariz, HMS Chief Support Officer. Hidalgo and Grant County have a variety of challenges in regards to the needs of older adults and Senior Centers are an important component in maintaining and developing a better quality of life through nutritious meals, social interaction and medical education.

HMS has collaborated with Grant and Hidalgo County and the municipalities of the Town of Silver City, the Village of Santa Clara, and the communities of Cliff/Gila and Mimbres, to assure that our Senior Centers are thriving and providing services to our seniors and this assessment shows that those efforts are not futile. Our vision is simple, to positively impact the health, well-being, and quality of life of those we serve. It starts with our commitment to our seniors by being aware of social determinants of health and how they affect our community and how we can correlate our services with those needs.

We would like to thank all of our employees at our senior centers that contribute individually into this collective effort to pursue excellence for the benefit of our seniors in Lordsburg, Silver City, Santa Clara, Mimbres, and Gila.  To learn more about HMS, and