Here’s a look at some local news:

Silver City Mayor, Ken Ladner and other volunteers participated in the Mayor’s Day of Service over weekend. The work focused on the landscaped median located on U.S Highway 180 between Little Walnut Road and Pope Street. In addition to general maintenance to the area, rocks were installed to enable erosion control. This was the second Mayor’s project enlisting the help of volunteers this year.

The Great Pumpkin Candy Drop was held in Deming on Saturday and featured approximately 3,000 pounds of candy being dropped from a large crane and John Waits (aka Rabbit Park). The candy drops were held five age categories including an all-inclusive and volunteer division. After the crane would dump candy onto the field, children, accordingly to age, ran onto the zone for a free-for-all candy hunt. The event was free to the public and local law enforcement officers happily participated with the many children.

According to the U.S Forest Service Black Range Ranger District, 108 volunteers on the Black Range Ranger District, Gila National Forest contributed 6,000 hours of service during the 2019 fiscal year equating to over $152,000 of volunteer labor.  Volunteers ranged in age from middle school students up to senior citizens.  Some of the projects they completed include: maintaining and servicing rest rooms at two campgrounds, an overlook, a work center, and two rest stops; planting native trees within the 2013 Silver Fire; excavation and data recovery work on archaeologic sites; performing supportive duties for administrative operations; and educating youth and others on natural resource management. The Black Range Ranger District believes these volunteers are unsung heroes to the District, Forest, and American public.