Here’s a look at some local news:

In the early evening of October 30th, U.S. Border Patrol Agents interrupted a drug smuggling attempt occurring in the Lordsburg Border Patrol Station area. Detection technology identified a subject carrying large bundles and after Lordsburg Station Border Patrol Agents responded they discovered several burlap bundles containing marijuana. There were no subjects located in that area. It has been reported that approximately 234 pounds of marijuana was seized and transported to the Lordsburg Border Patrol Station to be turned over to the D.E.A. No arrests have been made at this time.

At a regular meeting of the Gila Regional Medical Center Trustees, a pilot version of a platform titled the “Community Paramedicine Program” was discussed. The program, designed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, allows patients without non-emergency issues to be treated in their home by other agencies instead of being transported to the ER. According to the Silver City Daily Press, there are frequent easy users that summon ambulance service for vital signs checks, medication and dosage checks related to chronic conditions. The Community Paramedicine Program is to help connect the frequent easy users and others to existing non-emergency services in addition to providing a variety of in-home care that patients wouldn’t otherwise have available to them.

The Silver City Museum celebrated recent Dia de los Muertos with an ofrenda dedicated to Silver City resident, Johnny Banks. Banks was born in Silver City on April 24th 1924 and was a beloved resident of Silver City, always wearing a suit and tie. An ofrenda is a collection of objects placed on a ritual display during the annual and traditionally Mexican Día de Muertos celebration. An ofrenda, which may be quite large and elaborate, is usually created for an individual person who has died and is intended to welcome them to the altar setting. The ofrenda dedicated to Johnny Banks includes a bench and took hundreds of hours to create. The Banks ofrenda will be on display that the Silver City Museum until November 14th.