Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

As part of a continuing program to reduce hazardous fuels, improve forest health and enhance wildlife habitat, fire managers are preparing to conduct a prescribed fire around the Bar Six area.  This is a 650-acre broadcast burn just southwest of the Flying A subdivision off Red Rock Road.  The project may begin either the week of March 23 or 30, depending on conditions.

In legislative action:

Senate boss Michael Sanchez is still refusing to act on a House bill that would end the failed policy of social promotion. With less than a week to go, it’s believed that Sanchez is trying to run out the clock and use his political muscle to stall key legislative priorities.  The House passed legislation to end the failed policy of social promotion in a bipartisan vote on Feb. 11. The Senate has not even given the bill a committee hearing — hoping that the legislation never sees the Senate floor.

The House will consider a bill that seeks to get credentialed teachers into the classroom quicker and earning a paycheck faster.  The bill, if passed, will encourage more students to enter the education field by reducing heavier-than-other degree requirements.  The bill cleared the Senate and the House Education Committee and is awaiting final action on the House floor.

Fully disabled veterans living in New Mexico would not lose the remainder of their property tax exemption on their primary home when they move during the course of the tax year if a bill that passed the State Senate unanimously becomes law.  The bill would make the property tax exemption disabled military veterans living in New Mexico receive transferable to their next primary home during the course of the year.  Currently when the vets move, they lose the remainder of the tax exemption.

A bill that passed the State Senate will put New Mexico in a better position to compete with adjoining states while it saves on wear and tear of New Mexico roads and highways.  The bill brings the concrete and dump truck load limit to the same weight as neighboring states.  On a special type of truck, it increases the limit from 66,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds.  A new section of law allows the trucks to get a special multiple-trip permit.  All fees go to the New Mexico road fund.


Have a safe and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!