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This week is known as National Friends of the Library Week, and locally, the Friends of the Silver City Library has joined in to share awareness and thank the volunteers that help raise funds to supplement the library’s regular budget. According to a news release, the extra monies the FOL raises through book sales help fund children and adult programs which are open and free to the public, staff training costs, and to help provide additional funding for library equipment and furniture. According to Jeannie Miller, FOL President, the Friends of the Silver City Library, a 501c3 organization, was form ed in 1992 and has raised over $400,000 for the library to date. For more information about the Silver City Friends of the Library, contact

The Luna County Juvenile Justice Continuum of Services is looking for youth and families with children between the ages of 10 to 17 to participate in free programs offered in Luna County. The Strengthening of Families Program focuses on families who are seeking to improve their family relationships through parenting education and family skills. Families dealing with alcohol and/or substance abuse can learn about clear communication, effective discipline, problem solving and coping skills, therapeutic child play, and much more. The meetings are held on Tuesday or Thursday and begin on November 30th and December 2nd. Each participant will receive a small gift at the completion of the program.

As a reminder, the state of New Mexico will move to 10-digit dialing for all telephone calls made in-state on October 24th. Since April 24, 2021, seven-digit dialing has still been permitted. An automated recording will advise callers that they need to use 10-digit dialing beginning October 24th and seven-digit calls will no longer be completed.

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