A Regional Farm to Food Bank Program has been established. Since it is estimated that one in eight New Mexicans experience food insecurity on a daily basis.In an effort to reduce this statistic, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, the New Mexico Association of Food Banks, The Food Depot and the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association have initiated the Regional Farm to Food Bank Program. This program allows local ranchers, farmers and other food suppliers to receive fair market prices for their products while feeding those in need. Suppliers of qualified minimally-processed, value-added food products may also participate. For details regarding what value-added products qualify, or for more information about the Regional Farm to Food Bank Program, visit the Regional Farm to Food Bank Program website at n m food banks dot org forward slash farm to food bank.

The Grant County Soil and Water Conservation District is having a special board meeting Wednesday, March 8th, at 4pm at the NRCS Building, Suite C, 3082 32nd Street Bypass, in Silver City. This meeting is open to the public.

The Supreme Court of the United States declined landowners’ request to review New Mexico Stream Access Ruling.  Last week, it was announced that the Supreme Court will not hear arguments from landowners who claimed that the New Mexico court ruling upholding the public’s right to access rivers and streams that flow over private property amounted to an impermissible government taking. The New Mexico Supreme Court issued a written decision reaffirming the longstanding right of New Mexicans to walk or wade on the streambeds of water that flows over privately owned lands for fishing or other recreation.

For our Luna County listeners, there will be a car seat class on March 15th, from 11a to noon, at the Old Train Depot, as part of the “parents as teachers” services provided through New Mexico early Childhood Education and Care Development and SAFER New Mexico Now. After taking the free class, you will be able to receive a car seat for a donation of $25.00. For more information call 575-546-9254. That is 575-546-9254.