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According to the New Mexico Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard, as of March 21st, Grant County has fully vaccinated a total 4,643 residents for a total of 20.1% of its population. In addition, Luna County has fully vaccinated 3,587 residents for a total 19.2%; Hidalgo County at 763 residents for a total of 22.5%; and Catron County for a total of 648 residents for a total 20.4%. Residents are urged to register for their vaccine by going to through the New Mexico Department of Health.

The Gila National Forest is in extreme drought conditions and the National Weather Service will continue to issue Red Flag Warnings. Residents are reminded to be extremely careful with any type of fire during these windy days. There has already been a fire at the Catwalk along with some small fires in the Gila National Forest, most likely caused by unattended or abandoned campfires. Visitors are reminded that it takes approximately 5-gallons of water to drown a campfire. There is expected to be an early onset of fire restrictions this fire season. Visit the Gila National Forest Facebook page for additional tips and information.

The New Mexico Department of Health has collaborated with the American Diabetes Association in recognizing tomorrow, March 23rd, as “Diabetes Alert Day.” According to the NMDOH, “The annual health observance encourages New Mexicans and others nationwide to take a quick, free online Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test and learn if they need to take action that could prevent or delay this condition.” The Department of Health estimates that more than 245,000 New Mexican adults have diabetes and over 535,000 New Mexican adults have prediabetes, a condition that precedes type 2 diabetes where the blood glucose levels are higher than normal. To access the free one-minute anonymous Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test, visit

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