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At the time of this report, the New Mexico Department of Health, announced a total 11,982 New Mexico COVID-19 confirmed positive cases with 5,296 individuals reported as totally recovered. In addition, COVID-19 cases locally impacting the area include: Luna County has risen to 77 cases and 3,767 tests administered; Grant County remains at 18 total cases with 3,178 tests administered; Hidalgo County has 49 total cases with 1,448 tests administered; and Catron County has reported no new changes.

The Rotary Club of Silver City has distributed more than 800 free face masks to people in the community. The club has taken on this service project since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and continues to make sure that people in need of face coverings in order to adhere to Governor Lujan Grisham’s public health order. Members of the club will be distributing additional free face masks on the morning of July 11th in combination with free food distribution at the Commons in Silver City. Thank you, Silver City Rotary Club.

In an action taken for the protection of the health, welfare, and safety of the community at-large, and more particularly to the inhabitants and visitors within the Town during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Silver City Town Manager in consultation with the Mayor, has ordered that all town owned property within the boundaries of Silver City shall be closed to public entrance and use beginning on Friday, July 3rd at 12:00 P.M. and ending on Sunday, July 5th at 11:59 P.M. The order comes under the authority of the Town of Silver City Municipal Code, Chapter 2, Section 2 dash 198(14) and Section 2 dash 200 (Emergency Powers). Town-owned property includes, but is not limited to, all parks, parking lots, and public buildings. The restrictions of entry and use do not apply to public rights-of-way, designated trails and open spaces, and the golf course and ball fields at Scott Park. In addition, this Order does not apply to law enforcement and public employees in conduct of their lawful duties. Pursuant to Municipal Code, a violation of an Order of the Town Manager is a criminal misdemeanor, subject to the penalties prescribed by said Code.

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