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The Gila National Forest has issued an update regarding the Drummond and Trujillo Fires that are located south of Emory Pass. The fire has covered approximately 501 acres and yesterday received 0.95 inches of rain. With cooler weather being present, fire activity will moderate as storms persist and humidity increases. In addition, New Mexico State Highway 152 will continue to be closed and scheduled to reopen at 7:00 P.M. tomorrow, June 3rd. Additional information and a list of closed trails and campgrounds can be found on

The environmental remediation at the Georgetown Mines Site on the Silver City Ranger District of the Gila National Forest has been completed. The project included the cleanup of six abandoned mine areas located northeast of Bayard and Santa Clara in Grant County on Forest Service administered land along Georgetown Road. According to a release from the Forest Service, “Most of the major mines in the nearby area are on privately owned patented mining claims and were not included in the remediation.” In addition, the Geortgetown Mine Site was comprised of small scattered shafts, trenches, and mine waste piles that presented a physical hazard to forest visitors. Lab analysis from waste piles revealed elevated concentrations of arsenic and lead. The cleanup consisted of the use of heavy equipment to excavate and consolidate mine waste material in an engineered repository. The repository consisted of a three-foot cover of clean soil and revegetated with native grass seed mix.

Luna County has been faced with a severe trash and tire problem and is enlisting the help of residents to come up with an effective solution. The Luna County Road Department is providing two links to surveys that will be used to gather input to more effectively serve the community. The two links, one regarding tire recycling and the other regarding solid waste, are available in today’s news segment at

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