Here’s a look at some local news brought to you by Silver City Radio.

 The state’s Department of Transportation’s Highway Commission recently approved funding to construct new sidewalks along State Highway 356 through City of Bayard’s the town’s center. The total amount approved by the Department of Transportation’s Highway Commission for the sidewalk project totals $596,722 with over a $31,406 match from the City of Bayard. Surveying for the project has already started and construction should begin as soon at the contract is provided.

The New Mexico Hospitality Association has launched a campaign titled the “New Mexico Safe Promise” designed to encourage personal commitment in following COVID-19 safe practices. By making the promise, the following commitments are encouraged:

  • Use a face covering while in public
  • Stay six feet from others
  • Stay home when sick
  • Wash your hands frequently and follow recommended hygiene practices
  • Participate in any COVID-19 related training made available at your workplace

In addition, New Mexico Safe Certified program provides businesses on-demand virtual COVID-Safe Practice trainings for employees of hotels and lodging, restaurants, golf courses, and tour operators.

The Town of Silver City has released their 2019 Water Quality Report covering all monitoring and sampling performed by the Town of Silver City from January through December 2019. Silver City’s water is supplied by ground water pumped out of wells located in two separate well fields: the Franks’s Well Field that draws from the  Gila-San Francisco Water Basin; and the Woodward Well Field, that draws from the Mimbres Water Basin. The Gabby Hayes Well supplies water to Silver City, and in addition, serves as another well that draws from the Mimbres Basin, although not considered part of the Woodward Well Field. For more information on the report or questions regarding your drinking water, please contact the Utilities Department at 575-534-6365.

This has been a look at some local news. Thank you listening to Silver City Radio.