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The Gila National Forest has moved to VERY HIGH Fire Danger Status due to high temperatures and winds that have been affecting the region. In addition, fire crews and forest visitors have been reporting an increase in abandoned campfires in and around the Gila National Forest. According to a release from the Forest Service, a fire danger rating of VERY HIGH is reached when fires start easily from all causes and small fuels that include grasses and needles. Small fires can quickly become large fires and exhibit extreme fire intensity such as long-distance spotting. These fires can be difficult to control and will often become much larger and longer-lasting fires. Please report fires and abandoned campfires to the Silver City Interagency Dispatch at 1-800-538-1644.

Documentary films from 2 Silver High School students have been selected for an online National History Day showcase. The honored students are Elizabeth McDonald and her project titled “Communication Through the Arts: Gordon Parks’ Choice of Weapons”, and Rashel Barragan’s project titled, “Communicating Through Art: The Harlem Renaissance.” The two projects deal with African American history along with civil and human rights.

As the state continues its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Human Services Department has announced households receiving SNAP food benefits will receive the maximum amount for their household size for the month of June. SNAP recipients do not have to take any action to receive these additional food benefits as they will be placed directly on their EBT cards. On June 19th. For example, a family of 3 will receive the maximum of $616, a family of 4 will receive the maximum of $782, and so forth. For over a year, SNAP households that were not already receiving the maximum SNAP food benefit for their household size have received an increase bringing their food benefits to the maximum amount each month to help reduce food insecurity for families during the pandemic. Individuals seeking to apply for SNAP benefits may apply online through

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