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The National Resources Conservation Service, an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, has announced local funding opportunities to treat forested lands in the landowners in the Bear Creek area of Grant County titled the “Bear Creek to Signal Peak Collaborative Restoration Project.” The funding was created to assist with the following:

  • Reduction in hazardous fuels and fire intensities in the Wildland Urban Interface.
  • Improve watershed and riparian condition through soil stabilization, improved fencing, and vegetation treatments.
  • Protection of sensitive Mexican Spotted Owl habitat.

The Bear Creek project is one of 17 new projects allotted $15.3 million in total, bringing together agricultural producers, forest landowners, and national forests and grasslands to improve forest health using available Farm Bill conservation programs and other authorities.

The Grant County Misdemeanor Compliance Program group presented the Grant County Sheriff’s Office with two passive alcohol sensors that will assist deputies in properly determining if a driver is under the influence of alcohol. The mission of the Grant County DWI Prevention Program is to provide a positive impact on the health and welfare of Grant County residents by decreasing the incidence of DWI, alcoholism, substance abuse, and domestic violence consequential from such abuses, through prevention, awareness, enforcement, compliance/probation and intervention services.

The Grant County Art Guild will be offering a free teen workshop titled, “Spring Into Art”, during high school spring break, April 16 through 18 at the GCAC Annex located at 106 East Market Street in Silver City. The free workshop will be held in three afternoon sessions and will cover the basics of pastels, watercolors, and acrylics. While this workshop is free, space will be limited and registration is required. For more information, to register for this workshop, or to join the email list of upcoming workshops, email

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