According to a news release from the Gila National Forest, the decision has been made to remove feral cattle within the boundaries of the Gila Wilderness using lethal methods. A closure order covering the area of operations will go into effect on Monday, February 20th, and aerial shooting will begin on Thursday, February 23rd through Sunday, February 26th. For public safety, Gila National Forest officials are requesting that the public avoid the closure area while the order is in effect. In addition, the news release stated that “the feral cattle are not domesticated animals and pose a threat to public safety and natural resources.  All dispatched cattle will be left onsite to naturally decompose. Forest Service staff will ensure no carcasses are adjacent to or in any waterbody or spring, designated hiking trail, or known culturally sensitive area.” For additional information, visit the Gila National Forest website at or contact Maribeth Pecotte at 575-388-8211.

The Silver City Gospel Mission has received a brand-new commercial stove from the Town of Silver City. According to a news release, “this addition to the soup kitchen will ensure that meals for those in need are wholesome and nutritious. Mission staff won’t need to worry about inadequate or malfunctioning cooking equipment, and they can rest easy knowing that this generous donation has made their day-to-day work easier.”

Volunteers are invited to participate in the Pick It Up Toss No Mas Community Trash Cleanup scheduled for tomorrow morning from 9:00 A.M. to 12 noon. The event will commence at 9:00 A.M. in the Gough Park parking lot in Silver City where everyone will be supplied with trash bags, gloves, snacks, and a free t-shirt. For more information, visit