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At the time of compiling this report, the New Mexico Department of Health, announced a new total of 129,993 New Mexico COVID-19 confirmed positive cases statewide, an increase of 1,077 new cases. In addition, COVID-19 cases recorded locally are as follows: Grant County has an increase of 10 new cases for a total of 769 positive cases with 256 recovered; Luna County has an increase of 12 new cases for a total of 2,233 positive cases with 1,348 recovered; Hidalgo County has an increase of 1 new case for a total 219 positive cases with 134 recovered; and Catron County has increased to 55 positive cases with 14 recovered. There are currently 820 COVID-19 hospitalizations statewide.

Saturday was celebrated as “Wreaths Across America Day” and saw the placement of 1.7 million Veteran’s wreaths at 2,557 participating locations across the country. The 2020 theme for Wreaths Across America was “Be an American worth fighting for.” Locally, Fort Bayard National Cemetery was the site for the event, and five members of the Wreaths Across America committee, led by Mary Cowan, placed wreaths on over 4000 gravestones. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the annual ceremony was cancelled, but families are welcome to come out and visit loved ones at this time. Donations for the wreaths came from many local people and businesses as well as family members from out of state.

Tonight, the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, will appear closely aligned in the sky looking like a double planet, or more commonly called a conjunction. The last time these planets aligned so closely was on March 4th in the year 1226. The planets will shine like a large bright star, hence given the nickname “The Christmas Star.” Look for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction low in the western sky for about an hour after sunset each evening during this time from now until December 25th.

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