Congratulations to the members of the Silver City Ranger District’s fire organization who were recognized by two separate agencies as outstanding in their field in their latest annual awards ceremonies. Earlier this year, the Arizona Wildlife and Incident Management Academy recognized Silver City Fire Management Officer Marcus Cornwell as the 2023 Southwestern Wildland Firefighter of the Year for his commitment to community service and for going above and beyond the call of duty in his contributions to the fire service. More recently, the National Wildfire Coordinating Group’s Emergency Medical Committee awarded the Silver City Interagency Hotshot Crew with the Outstanding Wildland Fire Emergency Medical Services Crew of the Year 2022 award for demonstrating outstanding actions or accomplishments that are above and beyond the expectation of one’s normal duties. 

Another Congratulations is in order to Elizabeth Donaldson and Destiny Ortega of Deming who ranked top 10 in the nation at the recent New Mexico State FFA Convention which qualified them for the FFA Nationals in November. Elizabeth and Destiny earned a Gold Ranking in Food Products and Processing Systems with their Agri-Science Fair Project, “Bagged Versus Bulk: The Healthier Option”, which discussed the pandemic and the impact of COVID-19 on shopping for produce. Good luck at the FFA Nationals ladies!

Silver Schools Nutrition Services was recently honored with the prestigious “Blossom Award ” at this year’s Golden Chile Awards. The Golden Chile Awards program, organized by the New Mexico Coalition, aims to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding efforts implemented by New Mexico grown initiatives across preschools, K-12 schools and senior centers throughout the state. Silver City School District was recognized for their dedication to promoting locally grown foods and innovative programming within their schools. 

During the recent City of Bayard Town Hall meeting, Police Chief Carrillo announced that he is working on an agreement with Cobre Consolidated Schools about somehow working together for the  before and after school crosswalks. Due to the speeding that occurs, the City of Bayard is planning on having someone designated at the crosswalks everyday and will have police officers patrolling these areas to make sure speed limits are being followed.

Grant County’s Youth Murals Program is creating and installing tile murals at two sites on the Gila National Forest to honor the 100th anniversary of the Gila Wilderness, which occurs next year. Last month, local youth began designing, creating and installing tile tabletops for five picnic tables at Leopold Vista Overlook. In creating the murals, the group was able to learn about what makes wilderness a Wilderness using their understanding of the five tenets of wilderness to determine the designs. To check out the photos and track their progress visit the Grant County Youth Mural Programs Facebook page.