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At the time of compiling this report, the New Mexico Department of Health, announced a total of 23,408 New Mexico COVID-19 confirmed positive cases. In addition, COVID-19 cases locally impacting the area are as follows: Grant County remains with 72 total cases and 30 recovered; Luna County rose to 257 total cases with an increase to 85 recovered; Hidalgo County remains at 90 total cases with an increase to 41 recovered; and Catron County rose to 6 total cases.

The New Mexico Health Connections Co-op has voted to cease operations beginning January 1st, 2021. Based on challenging market conditions, the Board of Directors decided to wind down operations in the state causing members to select a new 2021 health plan with another carrier during the open enrollment period that begins on November 1st running through December 15th. The New Mexico Health Connections Co-op is a non-profit was founded in 2012 and began enrolling members in 2014 to provide a consumer centered health insurance option for New Mexico residents. Individuals can visit be well nm dot com to shop for a qualified health plan once the enrollment period begins.

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas has issued a scam alert, warning New Mexico restaurants and other businesses not to become fraud victims. Current field reports have revealed that there are individuals impersonating an Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) inspector, visiting New Mexico restaurants and collecting $100 “fines” for alleged violations. Only after paying the “fine” restaurants discover that the so-called inspector is a fraud. According to a release from the attorney general’s office, authorized inspectors will always present credentials when visiting a restaurant or other business and any concerns or fines will be presented through official means, such as in writing. Legitimate inspectors will never request social security numbers, credit card or other personal information. The Attorney General requests that any business approached by fraudulent scammers report the incident to his office at or call 1-844-255-9210.

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