Here is a list of Primary Election Results affecting our local area.  Data is from the Secretary of State website at

Most recent New Mexico Election Results Final:


D- Hilary Clinton 51% over Bernie Sanders

R- Donald Trump 70%

US Representative District 2

D- Merrie Lee Soules 100%

R- Steve Pearce 100%

Secretary of State

D- Maggie Toulouse Oliver 100%

R- Nora Espinosa 100%

State Senator District 28

D- Howie Morales 100%

State Representative District 32

D- Candie Sweetser 57% over Frederick Sherman

R- Vicki Chavez 50.34% over J Scott Chandler

State Representative District 38

D- Mary Hotvedt 50.44% over Karen Whitlock

R- Rebecca Dow 79% over Daniel Galindo

State Representative District 39

D- Rodolpho Martinez 100%

R- John Zimmerman 100%

6th Judicial District Attorney

D- Francesca Estevez 56% over Michael Renteria

Justice of the Supreme Court

D- Michael Vigil 100%

R- Judith Nakamura 100%

Judge of the Court of Appeals

D- Julie Vargas 100%

R- Stephen French


Most Recent Grant County Election Results Final:

County Commissioner District 3

D- Alicia Edwards 65% over Ralph Dominguez

R- Henry Torres 100%

County Commissioner District 4

D- Marilyn Alcorn 43% over Tony Trujillo, Jimmy McCauley and Jeremiah Garcia

R- Billy Billings 100%

County Commissioner District 5

D- Harry Browne 55% over Stephen Edwards and Simon Ortiz

R- Harry Pecotte 100%

Grant County Clerk

D- Marissa Castrillo 100%

County Treasurer

D- Steve Armendariz 100%


Most Recent Luna County Election Results Final:

County Commissioner District 3

D- Crystal Pena 69% over Joel Chinkes

R- John Sweetser 26% over Reginald Price, Michael Ellis, Leeanna Rossi and Benny Jasso

County Clerk

D- Andrea Rodriguez 100%

County Treasurer

D- Gloria Rodriguez 100%

R- Tammy Zumwalt 59% over Jennie Kirchen


Most Recent Hidalgo County Election Results Final:

County Commissioner

D- Anthony Mora 37% over Carol Gaussoin, Larry Martinez, David Ramos and Lloyd Payne

R- Robert Barrera 100%

County Treasurer

D- Serena De La Garza 100%

R- Tyler Massey 79% over Jonathan Murillo