Here’s a look at today’s local news:

Deming Public Schools and the New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority have filed a lawsuit against a former Deming High School Secretary who allegedly embezzled school funds from 2012 to 2016. According to the Deming Headlight, the plaintiffs are seeking restitution from Beatrice Armendariz, to cover costs and legal fees. The lawsuit was filed on July 18th in 1st Judicial Court in Santa Fe and provides details of several incidents from 2012 to 2016 whereby Armendariz “intentionally exercised dominion and control for personal means.” The Deming Public Schools received a check from the New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority in the amount of $130,000 to assist in accounting for the stolen amount.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation is reminding drivers and pedestrians to take heed and be careful around school zones. As back-to-school-time approaches, the NMDOT is reminding drivers to remember the following: slow down in school zones; respect crossing guards and stop for guards holding a stop sign; be cautious as children are unpredictable and may dart from between parked vehicles; stop behind school buses with its flashing lights are on and never pass a stopped school bus; and yield to pedestrians who are walking on a crosswalk. Pedestrians are reminded to not expect a driver to yield if you are crossing on an unmarked pathway, and if walking at night, wear reflective and bright colored clothing.

The Grant County Commission voted to approved three Gila Regional Medical Center Board of Trustee members during a regular meeting this week. According to the Grant County Beat, commission members ranked their top three choices from a field of seven final candidates. A motion made by Commissioner Harry Browne, to choose Cynthia Moreno, James Marshall, and Dr. James Skee was defeated three to two. Commissioner Billy Billings made a motion to choose Cynthia Moreno, James Marshall, and Joel Schram, and it passed with three ayes (Billy Billings, Javier Salas, and Chris Ponce) and two nays (Harry Browne and Alicia Edwards).