Smoke may be visible over the next several weeks as the Glenwood and Reserve Ranger Districts begin pile burning operations.  Smoke will likely be most visible during the night and early morning, but should decrease as temperatures rise during the day.

Now that the Gila National Forest is finally seeing some rain, the Glenwood and Reserve Ranger Districts are able to begin projects to reduce the threat of future wildfires by removing fuels created by Wildland Urban Interface thinning.  These projects will begin within the next month, once again dependent on weather conditions and the availability of necessary personnel.

The projects in the Reserve Ranger District will include the S.U. Slash Pit between the Rancho Grande Subdivision and Reserve along the west side of NM State Highway 12, Forest Road 578.  The other pile burning will include about 30 hand piles located at Eagle Peak Lookout on Forest Roads 233 and 38.

Anticipated burns in the Glenwood Ranger District include Sheridan Slash Pit on Sheridan Ridge Road, Forest Road 146, about seven miles south of Glenwood.  Hand piles located on the Glenwood Ranger District Administrative Site are also on slate for the project.

For more information about the Reserve Slash Pit Presecribed fire, call 533-6232.  For more information about the Glenwood Slash Pit Prescribed fire, call 539-2481.