Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

WNMU-Deming has announced a FAFSA Scholarship Night to be held next week at the Mimbres Valley Learning Center.  All students attending any college are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid before qualifying for financial aid.  The second half of the evening will be providing information about WNMU scholarships and WNMU Foundation scholarships available to students planning to attend WNMU in the fall.

The Gila Regional Medical Center Foundation held an Ice Cream Social on Valentine’s Day to thank caregivers and guests of the hospital.

In sports news, WNMU tennis teams fought hard in Division 1 Grand Canyon.  The men’s team lost 6-1, while the women’s team fell 7-0.  Senior Jean-Laurent Pageault tallied the only point for the Mustangs and earned Lone Star Conference Player of the Week honors.

The Western New Mexico University Men’s Basketball Team lost 86-66 on Thursday night in Lone Star Conference action against Cameron State University.  The last road game of the season will take place Saturday at Midwestern State starting at 4 pm Central Time.

The Lady ‘Stangs lost in the second half against Cameron State in a 75-62 Lone Star Conference defeat on Thursday.  The women close the road trip on Saturday against Midwestern State starting at 2 pm Central Time.

In legislative action, The House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee tabled a bill to expand the definition of voyeurism.  House Bill 159 would add attempted acts of voyeurism of victims age eighteen or older to the New Mexico criminal code.  The bill would also make attempted voyeurism of a minor a fourth-degree felon.  Currently attempted voyeurism of a minor is a misdemeanor and attempted voyeurism of an adult is not a crime.

HB 50, which involves background check legislation for the sale of firearms, was pulled back into the House Judiciary Committee to allow for more input and consideration on the bill.  Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard stated of the move, “The goal of this important piece of legislation has always been to find a balance between increasing public safety while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. In conversations with voters and my fellow Representatives, it is clear that we still have some more work to do to ensure we aren’t treading on individual rights.”

The Senate Conservation Committee gave a do-pass recommendation to a bill that would ban coyote hunting competitions in New Mexico.  It must win approval from two more committees before reaching the Senate floor for a vote.  The bill would not prevent landowners from hunting the predators on their property, only prevent hunting for sport or in contests.

The reports from the legislature included in today’s headlines are highlights of news releases received by Silver City Radio, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the station.