Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

Cold weather has postponed the hopeful Christmas opening of at least two lanes of traffic on the Hudson Street Bridge.  It is still too cold to lay asphalt, but luckily the concrete was poured before the weather turned sour.  Crews are working hard and still optimistic about the bridge being opened by the end of January.

As part of the Grant County Art Guild’s mission of supporting local art and art education, 2015 Guild president Tom Vaughan presented  two donations to Silver City school’s art programs.  Art teacher Amy Duncan received the donation for Guadalupe Montessori School and  art teacher Lydia Burns received the donation for the Sixth Street School. The funds are designated to go toward additional art supplies for those school’s art classes. Vaughan was also there to thank the students of Montessori School for their participation in the Grant County Art Guild’s annual Art in the Barn Show. Grant County Art Guild is a non-profit organization of local artists and crafters.

Western New Mexico University Will Host Karen Lauseng as part of their artist lecture Series.  Karen will present Playful Intent: a Found Object Jewelry Lecture on January 14th at 6:30 in Parotti Hall.  According to Karen, “whether pendants or earrings, books or masks, prayer beads or baskets, it’s fun to design art from inexpensive materials.”  For more information about Karen Lauseng or her Playful Intent collection, visit

A lot of taxpayers are angry about the way Albuquerque Public Schools superintendents have been leaving the district with golden parachutes, getting paid thousands of dollars just to leave. But one lawmaker is trying to stop that from happening in the future.

Unlicensed gun dealers would be required to perform background checks before selling firearms at gun shows in a bill pending in the upcoming New Mexico legislative session.  According to the Public News Service, Current New Mexico law allows private, unlicensed dealers to sell firearms at gun shows without their buyers passing a federal background check.

Representative Nate Gentry pre-filed “Jaydon’s Law,” legislation to ensure judges have access to the full criminal histories of violent offenders.  “Jaydon`s Law” will provide judges with a full picture of defendants` criminal histories during bonding and sentencing.