Here’s a look at some local news:

PNM has released five seasonal tips that can cut back on energy use while still enjoying the coming holidays. According to a release in PNM News, use LED string lights that are cheaper than old incandescent lights. In addition, outdoor laser projectors that shine lights on the home cost even less on the electric bill, take up less room in storage and are safer than climbing on the roof. Consider a fiber optic holiday tree and use a power strip and a timer for your Christmas tree or outdoor lights. Avoid keeping your holiday lights on during the day or when everyone is sleeping. Lower your thermostat when hosting guests. People naturally generate heat, it makes it more comfortable for guests, and lowers your energy bill. Lastly, avoid the use of space heaters. They are incredibly dangerous and cost a great deal on your electric bill. The use of only one space heater every day in one winter month, it will add about $40 to your PNM bill.

Flu season is underway in New Mexico, but the southwest portion of the state has not yet been greatly affected. So far 21 pneumonia and influenza deaths have been reported this 2019-20 season according to a release from the New Mexico Department of Health. They recommend that everyone 6 months and older get a flu vaccine. The vaccine protects against multiple strains of flu that may circulate at different times; and people can get infected with more than one type of flu during the season.

The Kiwanis Club of Silver City held their 8th Annual Youth Christmas Sing Off and Gazebo Lighting event at Gough Park Friday evening whereby five Kiwanis sponsored your clubs competed for cash prizes donated by Western Bank in Silver City. The groups that competed were as follows: Silver High School Key Club, Cobre High School Key Club, Cliff High School Key Club and Builders Club, La Plata Middle School Builders Club, and G.W Stout Elementary K-Kids Club. Volunteer judges included Mayor Pro-Tem, Cynthia Ann Bettison; Editor of the Grant County Beat, Mary Alice Murphy; and Silver City Police Officer Code Enforcement Officer and D.A.R.E Coordinatoir, Manny Juare. First place went to Stout K-Kids, second place to Cobre Key Club, third place to La Plata Builders Club, and Honorable Mention to Cliff School.