Here’s a look at some local news:

The New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax Holiday started today, and will be running through Sunday at midnight. During this time, the law provides a deduction from gross receipts for retail sales of qualifying tangible personal property; in effect allowing the retailer to sell the items “tax free.” According to Taxation & Revenue of New Mexico, there is a list divided into categories that qualify for the deduction. For a complete list, visit

The Cobre Schools K-6 summer program has been in session all month and has been focusing on hands-on science along with other core subjects. A representative from the Wolf Song Sanctuary visited students at Central Elementary and presented a program featuring a hybrid wolf and an older wolf that was an abandoned pet. The students were able to ask questions and spend some up-close time with the animals. According to a release, The Wolf Song Sanctuary is located in Silver City and offers guided hikes.

The Silver City Public Library will be starting two more renovation projects scheduled to begin on August 5th. According to the release from the library, the first project is reinforcing the portion of the roof which is currently losing gravel. The reinforcing process is a fluid applied system known as the Western Cool Roof System. The second project involves placing solar panels on the roof. the solar panels will significantly reduce the power bills for the library. The projects are due to the support of the Silver City Public Library Foundation.

The Town of Silver City will be turning off water on Monday, August 5th, from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.  Water will be off to replace a broken water main valve. Areas which will experience no water will include: 12th Street from Pope Street to Grant Street; Grant Street from 12th Street to Highway 180 West; and 13th Street from Grant Street to Santa Rita Street.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Utilities Department at 575- 534-6365.