Reasons why radio is your best choice

  1. Silver City Radio group reaches approximately 80% of the market. KNFT-FM, KNFT-AM, KSCQ-FM, and
    KPSA-FM serve the residents of Grant, Luna and Hidalgo Counties all from one source. Overall, radio’s reach is 92%
    of Americans 12+. For adults 18-34, 93% were reached by radio whereas on 46% were reached by newspaper. Radio
    has a consistent audience tune in of over 15 hour per week for men and over 13 hours per week for women (source:
    RAB) Silver City Radio has years of a proven track record to get your message to the consumer.
  2. Radio sells with immediacy.
    Research proves that radio regularly reaches consumers within two hours of their largest purchase of the day. Can
    there be a better time to reach customers than on their car radio while they are driving to do today’s shopping?
    With 33% of adults 18-49 shopping having listened to radio within 2 hours of their purchase, radio proves its
    strength. Only 2% of shoppers read print 2 hours before leading into a shopping event. (source: NAB)
  3. Radio sells everywhere.
    Radio is the only true mobile medium. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there… the companion and the advertising
    force your customers take with them wherever they go. 48% of adults 25-54 tune to radio during 9-5 workday,
    versus only 22% read the paper during the 9-5 workday, and 62% listen to radio while traveling.
  4. Radio sells with intimacy.
    In your personal life, when you have something very important to communicate to someone, which would you
    prefer – to show them a picture, to write to them, or to talk with the intimacy and emotion of the human voice?
    Radio sells with intimacy. For a newspaper ad, one has to want to read it, where on radio they get to hear it. Plus, in
    today’s small newspaper markets, most readers spend less than 10 minutes reading the paper, where listeners
    spend hours listening to the radio and have the opportunity for exposure to advertisers and to develop a connection
    to that advertiser.
  5. Radio stars in the theater of the mind.
    Want a 100-piece symphony orchestra in your ad, an elephant, a chorus, a laughing child, a love song? With word
    pictures and emotion-evoking sounds, radio’s theater of the mind stimulates the most emotion-lled pictures the
    mind can comprehend.
  6. Radio is the cost eeffective medium.
    Newspaper rates are up (even though circulation is down and readership is low). TV ad rates are up (even though
    viewership is down). Radio advertising costs grew less than any other major form of advertising. Our rates at Silver
    City Radio have remained low and unchanged for many years, even though we reach more people than ever.
  7. Reach is nice, but frequency sells.
    Newspaper and TV are reach media – they reach varying numbers of people. Psychologists tell us that consumers
    need to be exposed to an advertising message at least three times before it begins to penetrate. Most local businesses
    cannot afford the necessary three-times-plus frequency that effective advertising demands – except on
    radio. Radio is the reach and frequency medium you can aford. Radio offers a wider audience. Newspaper readership
    is drastically declining and has an aging audience of 50+.
  8. You’re always on the front page with radio.
    With radio advertising you are front and center in the listener’s attention span when your ad is on the air. With radio,
    you are always on the front page. In radio, your ad can be separated from your competition.
  9. Radio is an active medium in an active society.
    Passive forms of advertising simply list merchandise or tell you where a product is available. Radio is an active
    medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand, and selling your product or service. Today’s hotly competitive
    marketplace demands an active medium. That’s radio! (Courtesy of the Radio Advertising Bureau)