SkyWest Media-Silver City Radio recently teamed up with T-Mobile for a Community Volunteer Spotlight recognition campaign. We went on the hunt to find amazing individuals in our communities who went above and beyond in service during the pandemic. Through a three-week nomination period, community members nominated individuals who they recommended for one of the four awards. After more than 200 nominations, four individuals were selected. These individuals are identified below in no specific order.

Congratulations is extended to Margaret Diaz, of the Grant County Department of Health, who went above and beyond in helping residents receive COVID tests and vaccines. She and her team worked tirelessly serving Grant and Hidalgo residents to get their vaccine quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Also recognized is Amy Wagner, Director of the Silver City Gospel Mission, working with a team to feed anyone who needed a hot meal at the mission. She set up a food rescue program with local grocery stores, wrote and implemented special grants to help with food insecurity through the pandemic, and so much more.

Third recognition is extended to Patricia Saucedo, from Hidalgo County DWI program. Patricia gave from her heart continually to help youth and families through the pandemic, with great organization of activities and community assistance to residents.

The fourth individual selected will be announced and awarded her recognition at the end of summer as she is away for the month, but we look forward to recognizing her as well in the future.

The Community Volunteer Spotlight Awardees each received a plaque in their honor, surprise party, and $100 gift card from SkyWest Media and T-Mobile.

A huge thank you is extended to all those in our community who have done so much to help our fellow friends, neighbors, and community members through this pandemic. Many more than just these four are worthy of extra praise. Thank you each and everyone.