United States Representative District 2

Steve Pearce – R

Merrie Lee Soules – D

New Mexico Senate District 28

Howie Morales – D

New Mexico Senate District 35

John Arthur Smith – D

New Mexico House District 32

Vicki Chavez – R

Homegrown in District 32, Vicki is one of us! She is an established leader who values the diversity in our region and will move us forward leaving a proud legacy for our children. Vicki has served our community as a financial manager and as a teacher and school principal. She is an advocate for Southwest New Mexico and, in her current role, collaborates with entities across the state to bring and connect resources to our region. Vicki is:

  • Pro-Business: simplify the tax code; eliminate burdensome paperwork; stand strong with our agricultural community to protect and promote this industry; develop our workforce with strong job skills training. Vicki knows how to create economic growth and will work to bring new jobs to our region.
  • Pro-Education: eliminate unnecessary testing; partner with teachers to improve our system; direct more funding to classrooms; increase local control of resources. Vicki led a school turnaround effort and knows how to partner with all stakeholders to improve outcomes for kids.
  • Pro-Life: require parents be notified when their minor child seeks an abortion; stop late-term abortions when there is no medical necessity. Vicki believes in the sanctity of life and is appalled at New Mexico’s status as the “late-term abortion capital of the nation.”
  • Pro-Constitution and 2nd Amendment Rights: limited government; local control of resources; right to bear arms.
  • Pro-Community: take care of our veterans and seniors; ensure law enforcement agencies and first responders have adequate resources; promote the resources in our region.
  • Pro-DISTRICT 32! ~ She’ll Bring Good Things Home!


Candie Sweetser – D

Dear voters–

I am honored to have the opportunity to represent you in Santa Fe.  I am running for the District 32 State Representative seat because I want to help improve our communities, strengthen our schools, promote public safety and enhance the region’s economic development efforts.  I am a broadcaster and small business owner, adjunct instructor for WNMU in Deming and Lordsburg, and have a strong farming and ranching background.  I also believe in transparency and openness in government, and the need to bring integrity back to our political process.  If you are a resident of Luna, Hidalgo or Grant counties in District 32, I am humbly asking for your vote, and promise to work hard to be worthy of your investment in me!

— Candie Sweetser


New Mexico House District 38

Rebecca Dow – R

I’m Rebecca Dow, republican candidate for House of Representative, District 38.

I am concerned about our District’s future and the New Mexico in which my grandchildren will be raised.

As an active businesswomen I know what it takes to create and sustain jobs in rural New Mexico.

I advocate at the state and federal level for education, child welfare, workforce development, and rural economic development.

My passion to see improved economic opportunities and educational outcomes for our area prompted my decision to run for office.

So many of the negative statistics in district 38 are tied to poverty. When we decrease poverty, we also decrease the cost the government pays in combating poverty’s effects. We will see improved health and wellness, less crime and improved educational outcomes; freeing up funds for much needed services – such as those for seniors and veterans who have paid into the system more than their fair share, as well as an increase in funds for public safety.

Our shared culture, heritage, and values will shape my decisions as well as my strong desire to preserve our nation’s Constitution and your individual liberties. Now more than ever, we need leaders who will stand up for the values of District 38.

New Mexico has opportunities for improvement. The issues are diverse and complex.

I’m ready to help bring about that change and to harness every resource that is available to us.

Please vote Rebecca Dow for house representative.


Mary Hotvedt – D

Mary Hotvedt has been an educator, small business owner and longtime leader in the behavioral health community.

Mary is a former President of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and has worked for self-sufficiency in an orphanage in Zambia. She is on the Board of Border Area Mental Health.

She has been a lifelong fighter for social justice and her impressive array of professional experience and local advocacy makes her by far the most qualified candidate in this race.

Mary’s main platform points are:

· Empowering teachers for education that engages students.

· Working for ground-up local economic development.

· Repairing our mental health services to work for everyone.

Mary’s not out to shut down mines, take away guns or change anyone’s way of life – she wants to make District 38 the best place it can be for everyone. Mary will fight to make sure that District 38 has the representation we deserve in Santa Fe.


New Mexico House District 39

John Zimmerman – R

A resident of Southwestern New Mexico for 48 years, John Zimmerman appreciates the uniqueness of Southwestern New Mexico and its diverse cultures and people.  John has the right education, experience and ability to serve our communities in Doña Ana, Sierra & Grant Counties.

Representative Zimmerman has focused on the economic development needs of Doña Ana, Sierra, and Grant Counties, creating private sector jobs, and improving educational opportunities for our youth.  His experience as a manager, engineer, and Naval officer, as well as his ability to work with people of diversified backgrounds, has prepared him to serve.


  • Increased funding for job training to improve workforce skills and attract new jobs
  • Ensured education is funded at the highest level in state history with more funds directed to classroom instruction
  • Passed bills to reinstate the death penalty for cop killers and child murderers and to keep repeat violent offenders behind bars
  • Improved Amber Alerts and increased penalties for those who harm our children

The Las Cruces Sun-News endorsed Zimmerman, writing, “… we believe Zimmerman’s [record] is clearly stronger.  … In just his first term, Zimmerman has already proven to be a leader in Santa Fe. … A 42-year Navy veteran and former project test engineer at White Sands Missile Range, Zimmerman came into office with the lifetime of experience that allowed him to establish himself in just his first term.”

John and his wife, Mary, have six children, ten grandchildren and are actively involved with their family and church.


Rudy Martinez – D

Rudy Martinez is Vietnam veteran, former worker in the mines and a man of his word. Now, Rodolpho “Rudy” Martinez is ready to fight for the priorities that are important to people in District 39. With New Mexico’s poverty among the highest in the nation, and our graduation rates among the lowest, it’s time for someone with the experience and the dedication to turn our state around. It’s time for someone who can bring people and small business together. To solve problems.

Rudy Martinez will:
· Strengthen our schools by expanding early childhood education, reducing class sizes, and emphasizing teaching over testing.

· Help working families by investing in job training and by growing high- value, job-creating industries like film and renewable energy.

· Make our communities safer by expanding access to drug treatment and crime prevention programs while ensuring swift punishment for violent offenders.

· Get corruption out of politics by creating a strong, independent Ethics Commission with tough penalties for politicians who misuse taxpayer funds.


Grant County Commissioner District 3

Alicia Edwards – D

My vision for the future of Grant County is that we become the county of yes.
Yes, we have a comprehensive, diversified plan that will create prosperity not just jobs
Yes, we are taking full advantage of every innovative idea, every grant opportunity, every possibility….
Yes, every child has what they need to be a successful adult
Yes, every senior has what they need to grow old comfortably
Yes, every family has what they need to thrive
Yes, we are conserving and protecting our natural resources for our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.
Yes there are barriers but we are doing everything we can to get over them, around them or under them

There are hundreds of examples all across America of county governments that have taken a vision and leadership role in determining the success of their communities. That’s called progress. I believe that everyone has the desire and capacity to help create change given the opportunity, which means we can be anything we want to be as a county and as a community.

Let’s fund a Department of Economic Vitality and Community Resiliency and dream big—there are so many possibilities it’s mind-boggling
Let’s become the cycling destination of New Mexico
Let’s become the entrepreneurs destination for all things solar and wind in New Mexico
Let’s have enough broadband to be a favored destination of solo–preneurs

First and foremost, lets choose to be the county of YES !


Henry Torres – R

Dedicated to preserving and enhancing our diverse cultural heritage and environment.

  • In favor of:
    • Maintaining and improving financial health of county government
    • Support and enhance our existing industry and business such as mining, ranching, and agriculture
    • Private property rights
    • Having a “place at the table” when policy is being made by federal and state agencies that directly affect our county, such as to ensure our public lands stay open to our residents
    • Protection of diverse cultural heritage
    • Economic development that is complimentary to limited resources
    • Supporting and creating programs and services for youth, veterans, and seniors
      • Specifics:
        • With the support of Silver City and the mining district communities, support and improve existing drug prevention and abuse programs for our youth
        • Support medical availability for our veterans
        • Support programs and transportation of seniors to health care providers
    • Improvement of work relationship with Silver City
    • Health, safety, and welfare of Grant County citizens
    • Maintaining and improving county roads and facilities

I am a Grant County native, who returned to Grant County in 1979 as district inspector for the NM Livestock board, retiring in 1996. I served our county commission 2001 to 2008. My civic involvement has included serving on the Silver City Museum board, the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce board, Cliff Gila Grant County Fair Board, membership in the Fort Bayard Historical Society, long-time member of the Farm Bureau, and charter member of Grant County Area Cattle Growers.


Grant County Commissioner District 4

Marilyn Alcorn – D

Marilyn Alcorn is running for County Commission District 4. She has served in the US Navy, as a Deputy Sheriff in Corrections and is a retired educator. Since becoming a full time resident of Silver City in 2009 she has started a non-profit, Silver Adult Care Services, to work on bringing adult day care to Silver City and also serves as an advisor to Bridge Community, a local non-profit working to bring a senior continuum of care facility to our community. Marilyn is currently a member of the Grant County Community Health Council, the South West New Mexico Food Policy Council and previously served on the Grant County Food Policy Council. She has also served as an AmeriCorps volunteer working with the Family Support division of Hidalgo Medical Services.
Marilyn has a long history of public service and hopes to continue that service to the community as county commissioner.
Her stated goals as commissioner are:
Provide open and transparent government
Establish collaborative working relationships with local municipalities, governmental agencies, local educational institutions, businesses and non-profits
Create new jobs through entrepreneurial leadership and creative problem solving especially in the areas of senior services, clean energy, broadband expansion and eco-tourism
Protect our natural resources, and culturally significant heritage sites
Improve medical services by recruitment of specialty medical providers through continued county support of Gila Regional Medical Center
Marilyn holds a Master of Science in Elementary Education from Southern Oregon University and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Michigan State University.


Gerald “Billy” Billings – R

This year we face a historic election here in Grant County. Billy will work hard to represent you on the County Commission.  He has lived here all his life and understands our area and the functions of county government.

  • Billy will tend to the County’s business. This is not a time to be distracted by a special interest global agenda that will divert our attention and resources from what the County needs to be focused on.
  • He knows “Grant County is facing financial challenges. By operating within a reasonable budget, we can strengthen our financial condition over time without increasing taxes.”
  • Billy supports mining and mine jobs. Copper mining provides an economic impact of $1.2 million per day to our local economy.  He will stand up to special interests who oppose mining.
  • He supports law enforcement and will work toward better pay and a working radio system for them.

Why do so many Democratic voters support Billings?  Because he has a track record of real leadership.

As president of the school board, he was instrumental in the selection of Dick Pool as Superintendent – leading to fifteen years of excellent performance in the schools.  More recently when new leadership failed the schools, he joined with other concerned citizens and worked hard to create change; resulting in a newly reorganized school board and ultimately in the selection of a new superintendent through an open and transparent process.

As you cast your vote to decide our future, please vote BILLY BILLINGS for a proven track record of real leadership!


Grant County Commissioner District 5

De Ann Bencomo – D

Harry Browne – D

Harry Pecotte – R

Three generations of Pecottes have lived in Grant County since 1949. I have been educated here in the public school system, graduating from Western with a degree in Business and Personnel Management.  I am a Certified Purchasing Manager, and have training in negotiating skills.  I am retired, and ready to serve Grant County in a full-time capacity as your District 5 Commissioner.

I have no personal agenda–personal agendas frequently cause others to focus on issues of concern to them.  I will keep my focus on what’s right for Grant County, which is critically important for a public servant.  I care deeply for Grant County’s heritage and respect our cultures and way of life.

I am ready for the challenges, and I have a vision for the county’s future.  I will keep an open mind & an open door to all. I will be straight-forward and honest with the public and fellow commissioners.  I will maintain high ethical standards and will insist on transparency.

As a Commissioner, my Vision for this County includes encouraging business growth by building on what hardworking, innovative Grant County residents have already started as well as facilitating opportunities for new businesses.  I support mining and ranching. Our natural resources—the Gila National Forest and Wilderness– make us a destination for bikers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts.  We must build on that. Tourism is our life-blood. I will encourage & facilitate stronger partnering efforts between the County and our municipalities.

I would appreciate your vote.


Grant County Clerk

Marisa Castrillo – D

Grant County Treasurer

Steve Armendariz – D

Luna County Commissioner District 3

Crystal Peña – D

John Sweetser – R

Luna County Clerk

Andrea Rodriguez – D

Luna County Treasurer

Gloria Rodriguez – D

Tammy Zumwalt – R