Here’s a look at today’s news:

The Reserve Ranger District will begin winter operations of developed recreation sites starting this Saturday. The areas that will be effected are as follows: Dipping Vat; Aeroplane Mesa; Ben Lilly; Willow Creek; and Apache Creek Campgrounds. While the public is encouraged to continue to enjoy these sites, weather permitting, services will be limited during the winter months. The water system will be turned off to prevent freezing and damage to the lines during the fall and winter.  In addition, the trash service customarily provided will also not be available during the winter season. Visitors are asked to do their part to pack in/pack out trash and help keep the campgrounds clean. Full services are expected to resume in May.

The Silver City Police Department in collaboration with the DEA is sponsoring a “Drug Take Back Day”, from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.  this Saturday at the Silver City Police Department located at 1011 North Hudson Street. The public is encouraged to bring your unused or expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for safe disposal. This is a free service and includes pet medication and vitamins.

The Silver City Town Council approved a notice of intent during its meeting which will allow municipal elections to remain in the month of March. The state’s Local Election Act of 2018 would have moved municipal elections to November, but because of the town’s Territorial Charter, it can govern when elections are to be held. In addition, the town’s local elections will be called “municipal officer elections”.

The Luna County Sheriff’s Department announced recent promotions that include two new sergeants and the three corporals. In order to become a certified law enforcement officer in New Mexico, candidates complete several months of basic training followed by a minimum of 40 hours of advanced training each year. To achieve a promotion, the officer must pass a written test and prepare an oral presentation before a board. The recent promotions are as follows: Sergeant Israel Valdez; Sergeant Daniel Acosta; Corporal Alvaro Granillo; Corporal Marty Crumley; and Corporal Robert Ornelas. Congratulations!