Here’s a look at today’s news:

The Silver City Fire Department was called to a garage fire on East 40th Street last week when a heater vent fan motor started a fire in a garage wall and ceiling. Fortunately, the fire was contained in the attached garage and did not spread into the home. Six firefighters worked to extinguish the flames and no one was home or injured.

El Refugio, Inc in Silver City is encouraging residents to participate in a number of activities and events this month in recognizing October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This morning, a proclamation was presented at the Silver City Woman’s Club in addition to a candle lighting ceremony in honor of the victims of domestic violence. Other events this month include: A “Remember My Name” memorial on Thursday, October 11th at the El Refugio Healing Garden; a fundraising dance at The Flame on Saturday, October 13th; and a domestic violence annual training program at the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business and Conference Center for law enforcement, first responders, and victim advocates on October 18 and 19th. For more information visit El Refugio on Facebook.

New Mexico lawmakers are discussing ways to provide greater resources for schools to guarantee adequate education for at risk students. According to reports, the standard school year could be extended by 10 days or more in addition to the availability of a longer instruction time for elementary schools over the summer months. New Mexico’s First Judicial Circuit Judge, Sarah Singleton, ordered in a landmark decision that improvements must be made available to assist low income families, students from Native American communities, and households where English is not the primary language. Judge Singleton, ordered the governor and Legislature to establish a funding system that meets constitutional requirements by April 15th of next year. One of the current proposals being discussed is to expand the K-3 plus program and provide 25 additional days of schooling. The proposal would aim to include nearly 100,000 students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

The Gila National Forest, Wilderness Ranger District is welcoming DeWayne Ross, as a new law enforcement officer. DeWayne has served in the Umatilla National Forest in northeastern Oregon and has been with the forest service law enforcement since 2005. In addition, he currently serves as a field training officer, firearms instructor, non-lethal training ammunition instructor, and firearms armorer. He spent one enlistment in the U.S. Army and served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm with the 101st Airborne Air Assault Division. 1/187th Infantry. DeWayne is a native of southern New Mexico and is excited to be coming home.