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October 12, 2017: Local News

//October 12, 2017: Local News

October 12, 2017: Local News

Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The Deming City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday as part of a legal process that could lead to the city intervening to clean up excess debris on a piece of local private property. This action was prompted by several visits from code enforcement, a citation, a neighborhood petition, and other complaints. The resolution declares the debris “a menace to the public comfort, health, peace, or safety,” and will give the city the authority to remove the debris if necessary in addition to allowing the property owner an opportunity to appeal and the right to request a public hearing.

Ultra Heath, Grant County’s first medical cannabis dispensary, has planned its grand opening this Friday at 2320 US Hwy 180 East in the Albertson’s Shopping Center. Grant County is the ninth location for the company that includes multiple venues in the Albuquerque area, Santa Fe, Clovis, Hobbs and Alamogordo.

The Silver City Town Council was presented second supplemental update of the 40 year water plan. According to information provided by Dave Romero, of Balleau Groundwater, water rights appropriately fit current usage. It is suggested that the next 5 years be monitored to assure the plan remains on track. The Town Council also approved an amendment to the animal control ordinance, that will demand pet owners to immediately surrender vaccination records if the pet has bitten someone. The current ordinance allows 24 hours to respond to the request.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation announced the launch of a project website and interactive map for the Prioritized Statewide Bicycle Network Plan. The website provides a platform for bicyclists and others to share their valuable input in the bicycle planning and route prioritization process. Through an interactive map, New Mexicans can identify currently used or potential bike routes and complete a questionnaire on user preferences. Input from bicycle users of state roads and highways for commuting, recreation, or touring is valuable in identifying the bike facility needs that fit their uses and locations around the state. Visit bhinc.com/nm-bike-plan/ for more information.

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