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March 3rd, 2017: Local Headlines

//March 3rd, 2017: Local Headlines

March 3rd, 2017: Local Headlines

Here’s a look at today’s headlines:

The Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce heard from three speakers at their monthly board meeting yesterday.  Annette Toney, membership coordinator for Grant County’s chapter of the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest spoke to promote the sale of Girl Scout Cookies.  Scott Terry, Chamber president and chief executive officer, spoke second, and Jennifer Olson, of the Southwest Tourism Marketing Board spoke about New Mexico True and local tourism.  The board will also say goodbye to Dave Thomas, who is retiring and relocating at the end of the month.

A recent study conducted by a pair of NMSU researchers was published with the goal to figure out which repellents actually work to ward off mosquitos.  The study found that spray-on products containing DEET are found to be the most effective, and for those who prefer more natural products, lemon eucalyptus oil is most effective.  The study also showed that clip-on repellents are more effective than wristbands.

In legislative action, HB 209 passed the House of Representatives in a 61-9 vote on Thursday.  The bill ensures women have the same opportunities as men in the military by allowing appointment or voluntary enlistment of women to any military occupational specialty or career field of the branches and services of the states militia consistent with current Department of Defense policy.

The Innovations in Teaching Act passed the House floor by a vote of 37-30. Under HB 105, a teacher would have to apply to the Public Education Department for a waiver to participate in innovative and cutting-edge curriculums instead of standards-based assessments. That application would include details and goals of the project, particularly as they relate to English language learners, minority students, developmentally disabled or delayed students, and those who have become defeated by or uninterested in school.

The Senate moved a proposal forward to raise more money from taxes on gasoline, diesel and vehicle sales.    The plan would raise the tax on retail sales of gasoline, adding 10 cents to each gallon.  The tax on diesel would increase by 5 cents, and vehicle sales tax would increase from 3 to 4 percent.

Yesterday afternoon, the House Appropriations and Finance Committee reconsidered its earlier decision to table House Bill 45, a bill to expand Baby Brianna’s Law. The committee held a second vote on the bill and passed it, sending the measure to the full House of Representatives for consideration.

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