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Grant County 4-H County Contest Results

//Grant County 4-H County Contest Results

Grant County 4-H County Contest Results

2017 Grant County 4-H Contests

SILVER CITY, N.M. – Grant County 4-H held its annual County Contests June 6-9, 2017, where 4-H members were able to compete against each other to qualify to compete at the district and state level.

The Gant County 4-H contests started on June 6, 2017 with the Horticulture Produce contest and ended on June 9, 2017 with the Fashion Revue contest. The week was concluded on Friday, June 9 at the Silver City Public Pool with an awards ceremony and pool party.

4-H members competing in the Horticulture Produce contest were Raelynn Moon, Ashleigh Armijo, and Tayler Lamb, Brooklyn Allred, and Annalisa Neito. In the senior division, Ashleigh Armijo placed third, Tayler Lamb placed second, and Raelynn Moon placed first. Brooklyn Allred placed second and Annalisa Neito placed first in the junior age group.

In the Public Speaking events, 4-H members that competed were Ari Smith, Cooper Miller, Cursten Blanton, Trent Kasten, Madison Miller, Samantha Jones, Madison Miller, and Allie Miller. Ari Smith placed first in prepared speech. For Impromptu speech, Cooper Miller placed third, Cursten Blanton second, and Trent Kasten first, in the senior age group. In the junior division, Madison Miller second and Samantha Jones first. Allie Miller took first in the novice age group.

For the Consumer Decision Making contest, members that competed were Addie Drennan, Emma Drennan, Ronen Williamson, Lizzy McDonald, Samantha Jones, Hannah Miller, Cursten Blanton, Ari Smith, Raelynn Moon, and Ashleigh Armijo. In the novice division, Addie Drennan placed third, Ronen Williamson second, and Lizzy McDonald first. For the junior age group, Samantha Jones was second, and Hannah Miller placed first. The senior age group placings were: Cursten Blanton fourth, Ari Smith third, Raelynn Moon second, and Ashleigh Armijo first.

The rifle contest was held for the novice and junior age group. Members who competed: Ronen Williamson, Allie Miller, Elyaah Holguin-Cordova, Koda Fell, Wyatt Donovan, Luke Allsup, Tucker Gatlin, Morgan Wendt, Colter Massengill, Aiden Guiterrez, Malachi Drennan, Madison Miller, Ashton Donovan, Xander O’Loughlin, Brandon Ortiz, and Samantha Jones. Placing in the Novice Rifle contest, Ronen Williamson eighth, Koda Fell seventh, Wyatt Donovan sixth, Luke Allsup fifth, Tucker Gatlin fourth, Morgan Wendt third, Colter Massengill second, and Aiden Guiterrez first. For the junior division, Malachi Drennan placed sixth, Madison Miller fifth, Ashton Donovan fourth, Xander O’Loughlin third, Brandon Ortiz second, and Samantha Jones first.

Competitors in Livestock judging and Livestock Skill-A-Thon were Tucker Gatlin, Devin Harsh, Sam McDonald, Ketch Bays, Clayton Peterson, Malachi Drennan, Austin Harsh, Tanna Goar, Cursten Blanton, Kolby Taylor, and Ari Smith. Placings for the Novice in livestock judging was Tucker Gatlin third, Devin Harsh second, and Sam McDonald first. In Skill-A-Thon, Devin Harsh was third, Sam McDonald second, and Tucker Gatlin first. For the junior division in Livestock judging, Ketch Bays placed third, Clayton Peterson second, and Malachi Drennan first. In Skill-A-Thon, Clayton Peterson placed second, and Malachi Drennan was first. The livestock judging placings in the senior division were Austin Harsh fourth, Tanna Goar third, Cursten Blanton second, and Kolby Taylor first. For Skill-A-Thon, Tanna Goar placed fourth, Austin Harsh third, Cursten Blanton second, and Ari Smith first.

The Wildlife contest participants were Aiden Guiterrrez, Tucker Gatlim, Krysten Jones, Lizzy McDonald, Madison Miller, Malachi Drennan, Carson Billings, Parker McMillan, Julian Garcia, Cooper Miller, and Chris Morgan. In the senior age group, placing fourth was Parker McMillan, third Julian Garcia, second Cooper Miller, and first Chris Morgan. The junior placings were third Madison Miller, second Malachi Drennan, and first Carson Billings. The novice age group placings were fourth Aiden Guiterrez, third Tucker Gatlin, second Krysten Jones, and first Lizzy McDonald.

In the presentation contest the participants were Allie Miller, Josh Agnew, Madison Miller, and Cooper Miller. Placing first in the novice age group was Allie Miller. Josh Agnew placed second and Madison Miller placed first for the junior division. Cooper Miller placed first in the senior age group.

4-H members that competed in the favorite foods were Allie Miller and Aliza Orcutt. Both in the novice age group. Allie Miller received second and Aliza Orcutt placed first.

The range contest participants consisted of Justin Billings and Kolby Taylor. They are both in the senior division. Kolby Taylor placed second and Justin Billings earned first.

The Welcome to NM 4-H bowl is for members in the Novice Age Group. Placings for the contest were Allie Miller fourth, Ally Massengill third, Koda Fell third, and Aliza Orcutt first.

Land judging had two senior age group members. Justin Billings placed second and Kolby Taylor earned first.

Archery contest competitors for the junior and novice divisions were: Aliza Orcutt, Allie Miller, Juliana Stites, Wyatt Donovan, Koda Fell, Hayden Smith, Reno Hughes, Krysten Jones, Allyson Massengill, Colter Massengill, Sarah Gardner, Aiden Guiterrez, Jeremy Younger, Breck Baptiste, Domanic Newton, Malachi Drennan, Josh McMillan, Monte Valenzuela, Zach Ping, Madison Miller, Xander O’Loughlin, Caitlin Brabson, Josh Agnew, Mason Lockett, and Samanth Jones. Receiving first in Barebow was Josh McMillan. In the compound bow competition placings for the novice were eighth Reno Hughes, seventh Krysten Jones, sixth Allyson Massengill, fifth Colter Massengill, fourth Sarah Gardner, third Aiden Guiterrez, second Jeremy Younger, and first Breck Baptiste. Placings for the junior age group in compound bow were eighth Monte Valenzuela, seventh Zach Ping, sixth Madison Miller, fifth Xander O’Loughlin, fourth Caitlin Brabson, third Josh Agnew, second Mason Lockett, and first Samantha Jones.

Horse judging contestants were Ronen Williamson, Tucker Gatlin, Allyson Massengill, Keirston Bloomfield, Samantha Jones, Cursten Blanton, and Ashleigh Armijo. Placings for the novice age group were: Tucker Gatlin third, Allyson Massengill second, Ronen Williamson first. Keirston Bloomfield placed second and Samantha placed first in the junior age group. For the senior division, Ashleigh Armijo received second and Cursten Blanton earned first.

In the Fashion Revue contest Addie Drennan was the novice participant. She received first in the contest. She sewed a skirt, tote bag, and hair tie that was judged for the contest.

Participants that placed in the top eight for judging and shooting contests, or in the top four for public speaking events will move on and compete at the Southwest District June 21-22 in Soccorro, N.M. 4-H members in the senior age group will be competing July 10-13 at the
State 4-H conference. Grant County 4-H will be well-represented at both contests and we wish our 4-H members the best of luck. New Mexico State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educator. NMSU and the U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating. We are extremely proud of all of our 4-H members that competed!

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