Here’s a look at today’s news:

Early in November, the Wilderness Ranger District turned out their Forest Service horses and mules into the Fort Bayard Administrative Site. This pasture is part of Barrel Springs and the animals can be seen adjacent to the Fort Bayard Hospital Road. There are multiple hiking and mountain biking trails in this area and recently, District personnel have noted that gates are being left open and much time is being spent hunting down and retrieving livestock. In addition, the gates in the area of the Gomez Peak trail are being left open and cattle are wandering into the Gomez Peak trails area. If the gates are left open the animals can wander onto the roads and trails which is a hazard to motorists and trail users. The animals can also cause trail damage. Since the Ft. Bayard and Gomez Peak areas are open to the public, it is requested all gates be closed once passing through them. For more information, contact the Silver City Ranger District at (575) 388-8201.

Recently, cars parked at the Grant County Airport were burglarized and tampered with resulting in various missing possessions and damaged vehicles. Some vehicles suffered smashed windows, and gas caps were removed or cut off as the perpetrators attempted to siphon gasoline. The Grant County Sheriff’s Department has opened a criminal investigation and in addition, plans to increase patrols to the airport.

The Deming and Luna County Humane Society and members of the Deming Animal Guardians are assisting the owner of the Ruff Ruff Animal Sanctuary in providing daily care to approximately 80 dogs residing on the property. The sanctuary owner has been issued a trespass notice by the owner of the land forbidding him to enter the 5-acre property.  The dogs have been certified in good health and have received all their up-to-date vaccinations. Plans are currently underway to relocate all the dogs.

Silver City MainStreet announced the winners of the Holiday Merchant Window contest on Saturday at the Murray Ryan Visitor Center. In addition to all of the new downtown lights and decorations, Silver City MainStreet hosted a Holiday Window Contest with merchants in downtown Silver City.  Fifteen merchants have special window displays following the theme “A Storybook Christmas” and competed for a community choice award, and in two more categories, largest and most creative. Awards in the Community Choice category are: in 1st place, Manzanita Ridge; 2nd place, Farm Bureau Financial Service; and in 3rd place Revel Restaurant. The Largest Category winners are as follows: 1st place, Kris’s Unique Boutique; 2nd place, Vintage Fantasies; and in 3rd place, Finn’s Gallery. In the Most Creative category the winners are as follows: 1st place, The Makery; 2nd place, Encore; and in 3rd place, Wild West Weaving. In addition, Ward Ruddick was honored with the “Spirit of Christmas Award” for his work in decorating downtown Silver City this Christmas.