Here’s some of today’s news:

The U.S. of Department of Transportation has issued a report presenting collected data about the most and least car crash fatalities involving children through the 50 states. New Mexico has ranked 2nd worst in the United States calculated by using the number of child car crash fatalities per 100,000 population per year. The study shows that most of the fatalities nationwide are caused by improper seatbelt or car seat use. Furthermore, nationally from 2012 to 2016 there were 3268 children under the age of 13 killed while riding in passenger vehicles. The the figures have been rising steadily since 2014 with more than one-third of the affected children not being buckled in at all. The worst five states were ranked as number one being Mississippi, followed by New Mexico, North Dakota, Iowa, and South Dakota. The best states were ranked as number one being New Hampshire, followed by Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii.

The Grant County Commission announced the slate of candidates for the State Senate vacancy that will be left by District 28 State Senator, Howie Morales. Morales, now Lt. Governor-elect, will resign his seat at the end of the year. The slate of interested candidates has increased to nine individuals and are as follows: Brandon Perrault; Cindy Renee Provencio; Gabriel J. Ramos, Sr.; Karen Canaday Whitlock; Mary E. Hotvedt; Michael A. Carrillo; Siah Hemphill; Simon G. Ortiz, and newly added candidate, Daisy Matson. The Grant Commissioners will meet with the interested candidates in a Special Meeting on Thursday, January 3rd, at the Grant County Administration Building, whereby they will participate in a question and answer session led by the Board. The District 28 seat serves Grant, Catron, and Socorro counties. The Catron County Commissioners, by a unanimous vote, have chosen candidate, Gabriel Ramos, as their selection to replace Howie Morales in the District 28 State Senate seat.

The Deming City Council met this week and addressed several local issues. Alexi Jackson, was appointed as the new Community Services Director, replacing Bryan Reedy who recently resigned from the position. In addition, the council approved a notice of intent to approve an ordinance that if approved, the date of elections will change from March to November. The Administrator’s report gave updates on the status of street work projects in Deming and other proposed projects that include a Pit Park pond project and a splash pad located at the corner of Spruce and 8th streets which is site of the old municipal pool.

This Monday, December 17th, newly elected U.S Congresswoman representing southern New Mexico, Xochitl Torres Small, will be visiting Silver City and meeting with the public at 5:30 P.M. at the Grant County Democratic headquarters located at 3060 Highway 180 East in Silver City. Earlier in the day she will be meeting with representatives of various civic and governmental organizations.