The Chia-pocolypse is here!  Tune in to your favorite station, KSCQ 92.9, KNFT 102.9, or KNFT-AM 950 (FM 96.5) for your chance to win!  We at Silver City Radio are giving away Zombie Chia Pets and Lottery bucks for Zombie Chia Pet Scratchers from the New Mexico Lottery.  Just listen for the ZOMBIE cue to call, run to the phone and call 538-3396.  Be the first to guess the Zombie Chia Pet of the day to win!

Is it Draggin’ Drew?  Lifeless Lisa?  The Restless Arm?

Just be the first caller to guess right, and you could be a winner!

Promotion participants must be at least 18 years of age.


The New Mexico Lottery has raised over $707 million dollars for public education.  Over 103,500 students have received their in-state college tuition paid by Legislative Lottery Scholarships, which can be used to attend 25 public colleges and universities statewide.  For more information about Legislative Lottery Scholarships, visit, your student’s high school counselor, college or university financial aid office, or the New Mexico Department of Higher Education.